Le Berger & les Poissons qui jouoïent de la flûte

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Le Berger & les Poissons qui jouoïent de la flûte

Le Berger & les Poissons qui jouoïent de la flûte - Traditional Restaurant - Paris

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The menu Berger & Pisces who were playing the flute changes every week!


At Le Berger & Pisces who were playing the flute we laugh a lot but we are not joking with some values ​​that you find on your plate:


Here, everything is homemade. (Logo homemade add somewhere if you want, attached)


Because neither our bodies nor our planet will not tolerate it, it is out of the question to make you eat strawberries in winter or summer game!


No frozen (we did not even freezer), not canned or otherwise. All our products are fresh.


We know by their first names most of our suppliers. They are all French and we try to be as close to us as possible.


A rare place ...

Since February 2015, the former Café Antoine was back in service and reopened its doors rue Jean de la Fontaine in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

Changing owners, manager and new kitchen!

The bistro is renamed "Le Berger & Pisces who were playing flute", a nod to a fable of the great poet.

A nice motto ...

This unique place signed by the famous architect Hector Guimard in 1911 is registered in the Historic Monuments.

Steeped in history, the bistro has retained its period style and everything is original. Through the door of this little nugget, get ready to time travel: equestrian paintings, glass paintings, ceramics of time ...

Do not hesitate to ask the site's history, we are glad to tell you about a glass of wine!


A strong team ...

The two creators of the show place 20 years apart, the same passion and the same goal: meet friends in a magical place in compliance with the flavors of French cuisine.

Pierre and Christophe met on the benches of an entrepreneurship MBA kitchen in 2013. Armed with different experiences (digital marketing for Pierre, Christophe finance) and complementary age (!) And qualities, they decide to embark on the adventure of opening a restaurant that matches the idea they have of it. They want to create something simple, pretty, good and beautiful. So that people feel at ease, that time stops a bit when you come to restore it. In short we grow old more slowly than elsewhere!

Thomas, officiates behind the bar. He's always a listening ear, a good story to tell and an eye scrutinizing your every need.

Nathalie, the mother of the restaurant treats us to his home cooking, simple, tasty, generous made in good mood with a smile.

Whether you have 18, 45 or 90 years, you will always be very welcome to Berger and Fish playing the flute ...


This place lends itself particularly as we quickly without it at home.

Music of your choice, buffet, dinner or a drink everyone will find his account.

Birthday, team building, a family reunion, big tableful of friends, an evening without reason; all the reasons are good to privatize Berger and appropriate the 1911 ship.

We will make a custom quote.

Opening hours


08:00 - 15:00

Tuesday - Friday

08:00 - 15:00 / 18:00 - 23:00

Saturday - Sunday



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17 rue Jean de la Fontaine
75016 Paris